Are you interested in forming a subject-matter council?

There are several critieria that must be met to form a council. Contact Laurie Johnson for more information.


Subject-Matter Councils

CAFR seeks to establish subject-matter councils to work on advancing concerns that fit within the mission of CAFR. This can include local policy, infrastructure, and access to materials end markets.

Cannabis Council

The Cannabis Council seeks to drive regulatory advancement and industry innovation to help state, county, city, and local communities meet and exceed their waste reduction and landfill diversion goals.

Colorado Composting Council

Colorado Composting Council seeks to advance the increase in composting infrastructure and end markets and utilize local and state policy to require compost standards, organics recovery and compost use in Colorado.

Construction and Demolition Council

The C&D Council promote the increase of end markets for C&D material in Colorado. The council will prioritize C&D materials by economic value and research and discover end markets for the five most valuable materials with no end markets in Colorado. In partnership with GE Johnson, the council will support the Colorado Contractor’s Challenge to increase voluntary recycling by licensed general contractors.