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For more information about COCC, contact Bob Yost (970-454-3492) or Dan Matsch (303-444-6634).

COCC Documents

Compost Classifications (PDF)

Whitepaper: Comments on Pending CDPHE Solid Waste - Composting Regulations (PDF)

COCC Meeting Notes

Government Documents

CDPHE Memo: Composting - VOC Emissions & Best Management Practices (PDF)

Rocky Mountain Region Compost/Soil Amendment Classifications (PDF)

United States Composting Council

USCC Position Paper: VOC Emissions from Composting (PDF)

USCC Position Paper: Persistent Herbicides (PDF)

USCC Comments on FMSA (PDF)

USCC Model Compost Rule Template (PDF)

Additional resources are available on the USCC website.

Colorado Composting Council


Not a member of the Colorado Composting Council? TIME TO JOIN UP. Colorado is now a state chapter of the United States Composting Council. Get in the game!

The Colorado Composting Council promotes sustainable utilization of organic resources in the communities we serve. We focus on the production of quality organic products, developing markets for those products and educating our customers in their proper use and application.


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