Standard Member Benefits

CAFR provides value to its members in a variety of ways. Year-round, through committees and councils, members are able to be kept up to date on the latest trends in recycling and materials management, form new professional relationships, make sure their voice is heard and participate in numerous fun events. CAFR is proud to offer the following services to our members and to the State of Colorado.

Membership Directory

CAFR's online membership directory can provide the public with access to your recycling information and services. More...


The best way to get the most out of a CAFR membership is to attend CAFR events and join a committee or council. It is a rewarding experience and a way to learn and grow both professionally and personally.


Quarterly Newsletter – The electronic newsletter provides the latest information on CAFR programs and activities and can be used to highlight member accomplishments. It also contains information about what’s going on in recycling locally and nationally.

Bi-weekly Updates – We combine various announcements and news items into one convenient e-mail every two weeks. The bi-weeklies include news from members, training and meeting announcements, and other noteworthy items that cross our desk.

Summit for Recycling Conference

The annual Summit for Recycling is Colorado’s only statewide recycling conference. As a CAFR member, you receive discounted registration rates and the opportunity to participate in the planning of the conference. The Summit offers technical training workshops, general recycling sessions and an excellent peer-networking opportunity. More...

Annual Meeting

This annual event is a networking meeting for association members to learn about what others are doing around the state and includes an annual update of the program, services, and state of CAFR. It is also an opportunity for CAFR members to be introduced to the CAFR Board of Directors and officers. More...

Policy Committee

The committee, which you can take part in, tracks and promotes items of importance to the recycling community, educates legislators and decision makers, and works with other organizations to ensure that the voice of recycling is heard in Colorado. More...