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Policy Committee

The Policy Committee discusses, keeps track of, and pursues policy issues related to waste reduction and recycling. Contact Jessie Burley if you would like to be involved.

RREO Grants and Rebates

The grant program and rebate program are part of Colorado’s Recycling Resources Economic Opportunity Act of 2007. The sunset date was repealed by HB10-1052 and the revision date is set for 2017.


Senate Joint Resolution 13-038 - Concerning Measures to Increase the Percentage of Discarded Materials that are Beneficially Used Rather than Disposed of in Landfills (PDF)

Fact Sheets

SB16-124 Tax Exemption for Recycling Equipment

SB14-029 Architectural Paint Stewardship Program (PDF)

New Electronics Law Takes Effect in 2013 (PDF)

CAFR provides fact sheets on a variety of topics, see our Resources Page.

Legislative Updates

This page describes the most recent activities of the Colorado General Assembly and Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment that are related to the solid waste industry and CAFR's members. It identifies proposed changes to the Colorado Constitution, statutes or regulations - and whether these changes were successful or are still in progress. During the legislative session (January through May), this page will be updated frequently.

For those interested in more closely tracking the status of on-going legislation in Colorado, the link to the General Assembly website is www.leg.state.co.us. From there you can also link to Colorado house and senate member directories. Find out who your representatives are with Open States.

Lastest Legislative News

SB16-124 Machine Tools Sales Tax Exempt Recovered Materials

04/29/2016 House Third Reading Passed – No Amendments
CAFR Active Support

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HB16-1004 Measurable Goals Deadlines CO Climate Action Plan

03/30/2016 Senate Committee on Agriculture, Natural Resources, & Energy Postpone Indefinitely

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Recyclers meet with senators and representatives during CAFR’s Lobby Day and Legislative Reception

Wearing green “I Recycle” stickers, recyclers and legislators alike discussed the economic and environmental benefits of recycling, reuse, and remanufacturing to the State of Colorado.

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