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Plastic Sorting Best Management Practices: Resources for MRFs, Municipalities, & Reclaimers

2018 APR Plastics Recycling Web Seminar Education Series

September 25, 2019
11:00 AM

Bale sorts are a regular practice for MRFs, municipalities, and relcaimers, as well as other organizations looking to understand the material composition of typical bales of sorted plastics. Although beneficial information is gathered from these sorts, the process is not standardized, making it difficult to compare results. The APR Plastics Sorting Best Management Practices (BMPs) have been developed to provide guidelines to standardize bale sort practices and the terminology used to report the resulting data. Let's all speak the same language! Along with a synopsis of the BMPs, learn about what terms are used, why they were chosen, and the importance of consistent reporting metrics and its value to municipalities, MRF's, and the entire recycling industry.

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