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Rebranding Name Decriptions

Circular Colorado or Closed Loop Colorado – To expand beyond just recycling and align with the organization’s vision and mission of becoming a true national leader in waste reduction, recovery and diversion. The name strives to encompass the broad focus outlined in the C.A.F.R. strategic plan and support efforts to “close the loop” and build circular economies in Colorado by focusing on the development of local infrastructure, end-markets and policy.

Recycle Colorado – This name strives for simplicity. This name hopes that the average person will instantaneously recognize the word recycling and associate the term recycling with all forms of waste diversion, reduction and processing as recycling. This name also recognizes the history of C.A.F.R. and helps maintain a connection with the roots of the organization. Depending on how this name is used it can serve as a call to action and engagement for members and potential members.

Re:Cycle Colorado – Pronounced “recycle Colorado” this name strives for simplicity and a connection to the organization’s roots and history with recycling. Re: meaning “regarding” the cycle refers to closing the waste loop and shows that the circular economy is a priority for the organization through a play on words. It can also be used to brand different round tables/working groups (Re:Glass, Re:E-Waste, Re:Cannabis, etc).

Zero Waste Colorado – This name is a clear and concise statement of the ultimate goals of the organization’s efforts. It is inclusive of efforts beyond recycling and can incorporate aspects of a closed loop or circular economy. Much like Recycle Colorado it is welcoming of members across all markets and interests and unites members in a larger common cause.

This entry was posted on Sunday, January 7th, 2018.