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Letter from the CAFR president: Exciting new direction for CAFR in 2018

Dear CAFR Members,

On behalf of the board of directors we would like to say that 2018 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting years in CAFR’s history. After a four-month-long strategic planning process in 2017, we have identified ambitious goals and concrete actions CAFR can take to reach them. If you haven’t reviewed CAFR’s new strategic plan or our 2018 operating plan, I encourage you to do so. While a lot within our organizational structure is changing, I invite all of you to learn about the new exciting opportunities to get involved in the organization.

CAFR’s new mission is to build a statewide presence and establish CAFR as the go-to agency for advancing infrastructure, end markets and policies in waste reduction, recovery and diversion. All the actions CAFR undertakes in 2018 will be mission-driven. As our executive director likes to say, everything we do will be “tangible, actionable and measurable.” We hope this new strategy will not only help us progress recycling across the state but also increase the value you find in your membership. Here are a few ways you can get involved in CAFR’s renewed mission and get the most from your membership in 2018:

2018 Summit for Recycling: “Who needs China’s markets? Creating solutions in Colorado”

CAFR recognizes the challenges and opportunities China’s increased quality standards will pose to Colorado’s recycling industry. Through focused round-table sessions, 2018 Summit for Recycling attendees will be actively involved in creating solutions and end-markets to boost Colorado’s circular economy. We will explore advancements in infrastructure, end-market development and policies in waste reduction, recovery and diversion. Join hundreds of industry, government, business and non-profit organizations to tackle head-on many of the challenges facing the state of recycling at this year’s Summit, June 3-5. Super early-bird registration rates expire March 9.

Join a Regional Council or Subject-Matter Council

Regional and subject-matter councils provide an avenue for members to work together to increase recycling in a region or sector. These councils provide an avenue to ensure CAFR represents the entire state. This can include local policy, infrastructure and access to materials end markets. In 2017, CAFR launched the Colorado Springs Council and re-launched the Colorado Composting Council. CAFR is kicking off 2018 with the launch of the Western Slope Council. Stay tuned and get involved! CAFR is committed to launching at least two new regional councils in 2018!

Keep an Eye Open for Action-Oriented Events & Projects

In order to lead projects and develop material collection or processing infrastructure and end markets, CAFR will continue to host round tables, from which come action groups that work on one specific task for 12 months. We hope round tables, task forces and webinars will organize and drive new ideas and best practices in Colorado by connecting members with each other. If you are interested in helping CAFR develop these round tables and other events, reach out to us!

As members of CAFR, we all have the exciting and tremendous opportunity to the economic and environmental vitality of our state. We ask you to join us as we strive to achieve the goals outlined in our strategic plan. Any members with questions regarding this new chapter in our organization are invited to contact me or any board member directly to learn more.

Megan Lane
CAFR President

This entry was posted on Wednesday, February 7th, 2018.