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CAFR opposes SB18-45, the Repeal Architectural Paint Stewardship Act

The Colorado Association for Recycling published two fact sheets to support opposition to SB18-45, the Repeal Architectural Paint Stewardship Act. Repealing the act would eliminate a beneficial paint recycling program that saves taxpayer money and protects the environment.

In 2014 the state legislature passed the Architectural Paint Stewardship Act that added a fee for recycling paint to the cost of paint. The fee ranges from $0.35/pint to $1.60/five gallons. The fee is used by PaintCare, a non-profit organization set up by paint manufacturers, to create free paint recycling sites across the state. This greatly reduced the costs to local governments who were previously using taxpayer money to fund programs. The cost of properly disposing of and recycling the paint is now placed on the consumer, rather than the taxpayer.

Repealing the Architectural Paint Stewardship Act, SB-45 would cost cities and counties more money by eliminating the current funding mechanism for recycling paint, potentially more than $6.8 million per year.

The Architectural Paint Stewardship Act is a Colorado success story! The law promotes the recycling of paint, a household hazardous waste. Today, the program collects and recycles 60,000 gallons of paint per month and has collected 1.6 million gallons since its start in 2015. The law makes recycling paint easy for consumers. PaintCare has established 157 year-round drop-off sites. More than 93% of Colorado residents have a drop-off site within 15 miles. PaintCare is now focusing on expanding its drop-off sites to more rural and under-served areas.

Read the SB18-45 Fact Sheet (PDF) and SB18-45 Financial Impact (PDF) for more information.


This entry was posted on Thursday, January 25th, 2018.