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Letter from the CAFR President

Dear CAFR Members,

It is with heavy heart that I am informing you of the death of our Executive Director, Cara Russell. Although Cara had only been with the organization a short while, her enthusiasm, professionalism, and positive demeanor had quickly won her a number of fans within the organization, including myself.

Cara was the victim of a domestic violence attack that occurred yesterday at the CAFR office in the Alliance Center on 15th and Wynkoop. No other CAFR employees or members were present during the time of the attack and the suspect committed suicide. For more information on what happened, you can read an article here: http://www.denverpost.com/2016/06/29/wynkoop-denver-shooting-victim-dies/

All CAFR activities will be put on a temporary hold for the next week to allow our Board and staff time to remember Cara and meditate on the connections we all have to each other in this world. Despite the terrible violence of this event, there is much to be thankful for and I will personally be doing my best to continually appreciate what I have and to let my family and friends know I love them.

The Executive Committee will meet late next week to discuss what needs to be done in the near term to keep the organization moving forward, including what we will do to help honor and support Cara’s family. As we learn more in the next few days about any funds or charities to support Cara’s memory, we will share them with you.

The full Board of Director’s will meet in late July at our already scheduled board meeting to come up with a plan for CAFR in the coming months. A horrible as this event has been, it will not prevent CAFR from following through with our vision to be the catalyst, leader, voice of recycling, and ongoing resource for the growth and sustainability of the recycling community in Colorado.

In sorrow,
Juri Freeman,
CAFR President


This entry was posted on Wednesday, June 29th, 2016.