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CAFR announces 2021 solid waste goals for Colorado

CAFR’s 2021 Solid Waste Goals for Colorado (applies to total solid waste):

  • Reduce individual waste disposal to 3.5 pounds/person-day
  • Increase diversion to 66% by weight

CAFR established these 10-year goals for Colorado that we will strive to meet through our programs, education and leadership.

Our baseline is 2009, when Colorado:

  • Disposed of an average 7.1 pounds/person-day of municipal and non-municipal solid waste
  • Diverted 36% of the total stream through reuse, recycling and organics recovery*

These goals speak to our collective consumption and wasting habits.  CAFR is confident that Colorado’s waste diversion infrastructure can evolve sustainably over the next decade.  The goals are aggressive, but critical. Our strategy is to minimize Colorado’s reliance on disposal practices, thus reducing the adverse environmental impacts associated with disposal.  Further, growth of the waste diversion infrastructure supports Colorado’s economy with new job creation.

Our success will depend on our members – join us in this challenge.

* Source: CO Dept. of Public Health & Environment’s “2009 Recycling and Waste Diversion Facts” and “Annual Municipal Solid Waste Recycling and Diversion Totals”

This entry was posted on Saturday, December 3rd, 2011.